Awards & Achievements

Muse 2021 Gold Winner


Aqua de Fonte Branding Strategy

We created a refreshing brand identity for Aqua de Fonte with the launch of our creative campaign “Taste Life in Every Drop”. Through this campaign, we identified the challenge of UAE being one of the biggest markets for bottled water consumption with over 25 brands vying for the biggest share, making it tough for new brands to enter. We established and positioned Aqua de Fonte as modern, youthful, and energetic, creating a key differentiator in an overly saturated market.

Summit Awards


Philips Health Care

70% of Cardiac Arrests happen outside hospitals, with only 46% getting immediate attention We took to providing awareness and educating people with the help of our client Philips, as pioneers of defibrillators and heart-related equipment by creating posters, designed to drive interactions. Installed all around Thumbay hospitals in the UAE, the posters had a live heartbeat monitor that tracked life when CPR was performed upon the protruding heart. This increased awareness among people by 46% with the content going up on social media as well, we were able to inform people that you don’t need to be doctors to save lives.

Muse 2021 Silver Winner


GSK Sensodyne Touch-Free Interactive Stand

We conceptualised, designed, fabricated and installed GSK Sensodyne and Parodontax’s award-winning exhibition stand at the UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC) held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 29th June to 1st July 2021. We strategised a new lineup of activities, keeping the pandemic restrictions in mind to create a touch-free interactive experience for passers-by, thereby engaging them and increasing brand recall and recognition through each interaction.

Summit Awards


Breast Cancer Awareness

With over 12 people being diagnosed with breast cancer every day in the Middle East, we decided to part ignorance and the fear of discussing this sensitive topic. We dramatized magnified images of cancer cells with a series of art posters. Upon closer examination, people realised that the art they saw was created by nature, sparking a conversation among people, and increasing donations for the awareness by 60%. These paintings were showcased in India Club and World Trade Centre during Business Network International Meetings and talks and discussions were held to boost further awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.